PRSA Elects 2004 Leaders

The Los Angeles chapter of the Public Relations Society of America recently elected its 2004 leaders. The officers include: president Cynthia M. Harding from Kaiser Permanente; president-elect Marilyn A. Burke of BBS Communications; vice president and treasurer Denis Wolcott of the Metropolitan Water District; and vice president and secretary Cathy Kralik, a consultant. Vice presidents Brandy Phillips of the Hallmark Channel, Roxana Lissa of RL Public Relations and Rita Tateel of Celebrity Source join them. The 12 directors are Dawn M. Wilcox, Ronald Owens, Stephen C. Chavez, Stephanie Cohen, Sarah Huoh, Barbara Meltzer, Jana Rabenowitz Wallack, Barbara J. Bishop, Daniel W. Weidman, Bill Imada, Clarence Brown and Daryl McCullough. PRSA-LA’s new assembly delegates appointed to three-year positions include Joann E. Killeen, David H. Simon, Peter Hidalgo and Adam M. Coyne. Mary Graybill will continue as an assembly delegate through 2005, while Laurie Kasper Gwyn remains an assembly delegate through 2004.