Primestar Taps Strum

By Matt Surman

NEW YORK–RBT/Strum has been selected by Primestar, the satellite television company, to handle a promotional project that could lead to the client’s retail ad business as well.

The shop beat Tierney & Partners and The Weightman Group, both in Philadelphia, and McAdams, Richmond & Ong of Bala Cynwyd, Pa., for the assignment, according to Mark Dunn, director of advertising and promotions at Bala Cynwyd-based Primestar.

The Cherry Hill, N.J., agency will launch a newspaper, radio and point-of-purchase promotion in September and October, pushing a reduced installation price, new programming packages and a new remote control.

The client expects to spend $20 million on the fall promotion, which includes image ads from lead agency Adler Boschetto Peebles & Partners, New York, Dunn said. ABP&P also handles all of Primestar’s media buying and planning duties.

The Northway Group in Dallas currently handles retail advertising for Primestar services sold through Radio Shack. In addition, the agency will handle a smaller project in the fourth quarter.

Primestar will consolidate its retail ads into one account and will choose either RBT/Strum or Northway to handle the business based upon how they perform their respective assignments, Dunn said. That decision will be made by October. ‘We’ll be making a decision between (RBT/Strum and Northway) following the assignment,’ he said.

ABP&P’s role will not be affected by the decision. ‘We’ll have two distinct agencies: one for branding, one for retail,’ Dunn explained.

The company chose RBT/Strum because executives ‘felt they were able to grasp our industry very quickly. They got it the quickest’ of those agencies the client met.

Primestar is a joint venture of Time Warner Cable, Tele-Communications Inc., Cox Cable Communications, Comcast Cable Corp. and Continental Cablevision.

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