Pregnant Pauses

Comfort for swollen feet, succor for gustatory cravings and paint for long-unseen toenails are among Loyola University Health System’s ways of saying “We understand” in a new campaign from Arian, Lowe & Travis aimed at pregnant women.
For a campaign on behalf of Loyola’s birth centers, the Chicago agency solicited marketing partners including Baskin-Robbins, Naturalizer Shoes and Saks Fifth Avenue’s salon operation.
“You can’t see your feet when you’re pregnant. But everyone else can,” reads the headline for the salon ad, which offers 30 percent off on a pedicure. The ad that includes a discount on Naturalizers suggests, “Pregnancy can make your feet swell a full size. So now, shoe shopping really is a necessity.” Baskin-Robbins, of course, urges women to give into their ice cream cravings.
“It struck us as a lot more human than most communications in the field,” said Kevin Lynch, a creative director at AL&T. “There’s an honesty there that women expect. You bring up a subject women normally don’t hear from a healthcare provider.”
Proof of pregnancy isn’t required to collect the discounts. The campaign, as Lynch points out, is for “women who are either pregnant now, or who soon will be.”
–Trevor Jensen