Poll: Network-TV Streamers Cool With Ads

Among people who stream or download video from TV networks — whether brief clips or full shows — there’s little enthusiasm for paying to do so. These viewers are not utterly oblivious, though, to the fact that somebody’s got to pick up the bill.

So, according to a new Knowledge Networks report, they’re willing, however grudgingly, to sit through advertising that accompanies such fare.

“Eighty percent of network video downloaders favor watching ads in exchange for free video — up from 67 percent in 2006,” says the report, which analyzes polling data gathered last November among Internet users age 13-54.

Moreover, “69 percent of network video streamers either watch the pre-roll ads before the video or listen to those ads while doing something else on the computer.” And they don’t always find it an imposition to do so, judging by the fact that “17 percent of network video streamers have forwarded a link to a commercial or advertiser video.”

Downloaders are more likely than streamers to say the commercials on their favorite TV shows “are relevant to them” (49 percent vs. 34 percent) and that they’re “inclined to buy from companies that advertise on their favorite programs” (42 percent vs. 26 percent).