Lacrosse enthusiasts have a chance to win clothing, gloves, sticks and other gear in an online game sponsored by Brine.

The competition, created by Newton, Mass., agency Six, allows fans of the sport to log on every week and make fantasy team selections based on professional lacrosse games. After the actual matches are played, on-line visitors can check back on Brine’s site to see how their teams performed.

Fans are being directed to the site by an e-mail campaign and banner ads developed by Six.

Apparently, the game, launched earlier this spring, is alreadydrawing the attention of potential customers to the Milford, Mass.-based company.

“The early results show that thousandsof lacrosse players have signed up in the first few weeks, and dealer interest in sponsorship opportunities is also high,” said Sean Fox, Brine’s vice president of sales and marketing.

The online game runs through the end of May, coinciding with the end of lacrosse season.