plastic fantastic

Rattle has unveiled the first Web site for On Time Mailing and On Time Plastic Imaging.

The sister companies in Winthrop, Mass., provide mailing fulfillment services and customer loyalty and prepaid plastic cards to various clients, including the marketing trade association Boston Idea Group. promises, appropriately enough, to deliver services that are “driven by the details, dedicated to your deadlines” and—in the case of prepaid cards—motivated by “The power of plastic.”

Copy contains some tongue-in-cheek bravado: “When you do a direct mail or a plastic card project, it’s the little (and not so little) things that make the difference … You want to get it out on time, on target and on budget. We take care of the details. We beat the deadlines. We’re the ones you want to work with.”

Some trade-show efforts and other promotions for the client may be forth coming, according to Joey Baron of Somer ville, Mass.-based Rattle.