Part Of The Crowd

SFX Live gives advertisers a peek at its national audience in its first-ever ad campaign.
The subsidiary of concert venue owner SFX Entertainment, New York, began its first round of advertising on July 13 with a print ad tagged, “Reach your target audience where they really live.”
SFX Live gives advertisers the chance to promote products via signs, ticket advertisements and on-site commercials at SFX-owned concert halls, arenas and amphitheaters.
The ad, created by Grey Entertainment, has a horizontal row of blue-washed photos taken at concerts around the U.S. The shots, which appear as one single photo, show people of all ages enjoying SFX events. The white-on-black text beneath the photos explains that the people in the photos are “all part of the same audience. Yours.”
Associate creative director Mark Scheider said the goal was to create an ad that gives the feeling of looking through the camera at the audience.
SFX Live is spending $1 million in dailies and trade publications.
–Lori Lefevre