Pachyderm Power

Its name has been subject to various mis spell ings and mis pronun ciations during the past year. Now, Blum Ellenson is changing its name to one the agency’s principals believe might be more easily remembered: blue elephant.

The New York shop’s new moniker goes into effect today. And it may be apropos in more ways than one, as the first letters of each word in the name also serve as the first letters of executive creative director Alan Blum’s and president Richard Ellenson’s last names.

The agency was formed a year ago by the merger of Blum Network and Ellenson Group. In its first year, the shop won assignments from clients such as Liberty Travel, Cavit Wines, Renaissance Cruises and ABC News. Blue elephant claims billings of $34 million and has 18 staffers.

The shop also features a new logo, which showcases the words, “Advertising Revisited.”

Blum noted that the new name represents “the coming together of a singular vision,” and, according to Ellenson, the name also helps mark the agency’s one-year anni versary and growth.

“It’s a very liberating thing,” said Ellenson. “Everyone is really enjoying the changeover.”