CHICAGO-Log Cabin syrup today gets its first TV advertising support in four years, with two spots that play to the brand’s 110-year heritage.
Tagged “In the heart of every home, there’s a little Log Cabin,” the spots open with an animated graphic of the brand’s log cabin logo before moving to scenes of a mother making pancakes for her children.
“We’ve come back to the essence of the brand, connecting to what I call the ‘griddle experience,'” said Tom Hall, chairman and chief executive officer of Ogilvy & Mather’s Chicago office, which created the campaign. “This is a brand with more than 100 years of equity, of mothers serving it to children at breakfast. We’ve laid claim to that experience [in the advertising] as only this brand can do.”
O&M’s New York office had handled Log Cabin when the brand was owned by Kraft Foods. Last year, Log Cabin was sold to Aurora Foods in Columbus, Ohio, which also acquired the Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup brand earlier this year.
After buying Log Cabin, Aurora gave O&M’s Chicago office the account, with Kraft’s blessings and help, Hall said. Billings are estimated at $5-10 million.
Focus groups that are part of O&M’s Brand Stewardship program “confirmed everybody’s gut feelings about the brand’s essence” and the positive experiences that generations of consumers associate with the Log Cabin name, Hall said.
Log Cabin syrup will also receive an extensive promotional marketing program, also developed by O&M here, beginning in the second quarter of 1998.