OLN, Fort Franklin ‘Believe’

BOSTON Fort Franklin has introduced TV spots promoting the National Hockey League on the cable sports network OLN.

A series of 30-second commercials combines footage of memorable hockey moments and a voiceover of thousands of fans declaring things like, “We believe we can score on the opening face-off” and “We believe in the unbelievable.” The campaign is tagged, “We believe in hockey.”

“We wanted to make an emotional connection with hockey fans,” said Wendy McCoy, vice president of marketing at OLN, in a statement. “There is so much to look forward to when hockey returns to the ice, between the new players, the new rules and the unprecedented access the league is allowing. Hockey is a huge priority for OLN and we can’t wait to show fans a new game when the puck drops on the fifth.”

OLN is the cable home of the NHL as well as the Tour de France, the America’s Cup and the Boston Marathon. The channel offers programming in four areas: action sports, field sports, bulls and rodeo, and awe-inspiring series. OLN is also the home of Survivor in syndication.

The new spots are airing on OLN, as well as other cable channels. Print components of the effort are running in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Outside magazine, among others.

“‘We believe in hockey’ is an expression of the dedication and passion for the sport in the voice [literally] of core hockey fans. Featuring actual game footage instantly connects with the core and is the most honest way to show OLN’s commitment to the sport and its fans,” said Marc Gallucci, CEO and creative director at Boston-based Fort Franklin. “As an agency, we were meant for this assignment, not only due to our past campaigns for the NHL and ESPN, but because we are religious hockey fans who truly believe in the game.”

The NHL season started this week, with the league seeking to rebuild its image after last year’s strike.

Media Storm in Norwalk, Conn., handled media chores.