NYCA Takes a Mulligan on Maxfli’s Daly Spot

LOS ANGELES Independent NYCA said it is re-editing a Maxfli spot refused by CBS because the brand’s spokesman, John Daly, carries a beer in a golf cart in one shot.

Michael Mark, agency CEO and creative director, has been outspoken about the CBS complaint. “I don’t know how many vehicular homicides there are on golf courses,” he said at the Encinitas, Calif., shop. “More accidents are caused by missed putts and course rage than golfers being over-served.”

The spot, along with a Daly music video for which NYCA wrote the song “Go Long or Go Home,” broke three weeks ago on the Golf Channel, which continues to run the original version. But when the agency tried to place the ad on CBS, the network demurred, Mark said. “These guys told [Daly] to go home,” he said.

Mark said the campaign positions Daly as a “long-ball rebel, just as Maxfli is a rebel. It would be a disturbance to this brand image to mess with that.”

Mark said a new version of the spot, minus the beer-in-cart shot, would be submitted to CBS for its approval this week. “CBS’ consumer base for golf is very important for us to talk to,” he said.

“We’re trying to be authentic to Daly’s personality,” Mark added. “We’re not confined to the ropes of the PGA Tour. We let it loose, we party, we go too far, we hit the ball too far. It is more about the rebel yell than the polite golf clap.”

Campaign spending is undisclosed. Maxfli, a division of TaylorMade-Adidas, is based in Carlsbad, Calif. TaylorMade spent $17 million advertising in 2006, per TNS Media Intelligence.