N.Y. Lottery “Mailroom”

After a year in which many people had the novel experience of getting unrich quickly, the appeal of a lottery-jackpot windfall is more potent than ever. And part of its attraction is that a winning ticket can suddenly make you as wealthy as the corporate drones who (amid all the recent disasters for which they’re responsible) still “get the big bucks.”

We hear that phrase repeatedly in this spot for the New York Lottery (via DDB in New York) as its protagonist/narrator, a mailroom guy, pushes his cart through the office and points out a familiar cast of corporate characters — the executive (receiving his in-office shoeshine) who “ran our biggest account into the ground,” the woman (enjoying a professional backrub) who “lost everyone’s pension,” etc.

Needless to say, each of these screw-ups is still getting the big bucks. But the mailroom guy aims higher: “I’m going for the Jumbo Bucks,” which happens to be the name of a current lottery game that offers a chance to win up to $3 million. The spot shrewdly leverages the current mood of anti-fat-cat resentment to give an emotional edge to its sales pitch for the Jumbo Bucks game. Sure, it’s nice to win $3 million in any case. But it’s all the sweeter when doing so feels like an all-too-rare instance of cosmic justice. –Mark Dolliver