Now Here’s A Brand History

Greg DiNoto had never heard the words “sex” and “museum” in the same sentence before, so when that happened at a cocktail party, he was naturally curious.
That curiosity led the partner at DiNoto Lee, New York, to meet with Dan Gluck, one of the forces behind New York’s Museum of Sex, set to open in 1999.
The encounter led to an assignment with a catch: Create a brand identity for a museum that will examine the cultural and social significance of sex, but don’t titillate. DiNoto Lee will “explain [the museum’s] examination of the role of sex and its impact on human development without resorting to obvious solutions,” Gluck said.
“Mosex” will feature a gallery, theater, library, gift shop and cafƒ.
The $2 million effort will consist of print ads, direct mail and collateral materials.
Staffers can’t wait to get started. “The entire staff expressed a desire to immerse themselves in the business,” said DiNoto, tongue firmly in cheek. –Andrew McMains