A New Look for Maine

Study Prompts State to Break Tourism Ads
BOSTON–Hoping to woo New Yorkers with images of diversity, culture and entertainment, the Maine Office of Tourism last week took the wraps off a TV and print campaign.
Research conducted by Longwoods International in Toronto revealed that Maine was perceived as a destination which, compared to the rest of New England, was lacking in culture and heritage. Even some Bostonians thought the state was nearer to the Arctic circle, said Maine tourism director Dann Lewis. “People had this image of forests and maybe some rocks and lobsters,” said Lewis.
Created by Swardlick Marketing, Portland, Maine, the campaign incorporates images of visitors engaged in activities such as rafting, fly-fishing and mountain biking, all under the tagline, “The Maine Attraction.”
Two separate markets are targeted: the younger, more active crowd, interested in outdoor activities, and a slightly older group that prefers antiquing, wildlife and small-town charm.
The commercial breaks today in the New York metro area and will continue for four weeks.
A lone print ad is running in automobile publications such as AAA Magazine and Car & Travel. It will be joined in the next six weeks by two more executions slated to appear in Travel Holiday, National Geographic Adventure, Yankee, Coastal Living and The New York Times Magazine.
The fact that a neighboring state is unveiling a major initiative doesn’t worry Paul Kaza, president of Paul Kaza Associates in Burlington, Vt., who oversees Vermont’s tourism ads.
“When any one of the New England states promotes itself, it’s good for the whole region,” Kaza said.