New Campaigns: SOUTHEAST

Client: Florida Panthers, Miami.
Agency: Harris Drury Cohen, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Co-creative Directors: Richie Kahn, Mike Tesch
Art Director: Jeff Dahlberg
Copywriter: James Cheung
Director: Chris Woods
Producer: Lisa Burke
In a campaign breaking this week for the National Hockey League’s Florida Panthers, Harris Drury Cohen uses profiles of signature players to get South Floridians thinking about the sport. Four 30-second television commercials are the nexus of the campaign, which also includes newspaper, magazine and outdoor. The TV spots explore the unique talents of the team’s most valuable players. In a spot that introduces Panthers right wing Ray Sheppard, a voiceover states, “Ray Sheppard’s slap shot goes 100 miles per hour. The speed of sound travels eight times as fast.” Sheppard then takes a shot, which travels in between and through the goalie’s feet–unbeknownst to him. The goalie responds by telling Sheppard he’s ready for him to shoot. The tagline is: “Nice guys, tough hockey.” –Nora FitzGerald

Client: The Post and Courier, Charleston, S.C.
Agency: Rawle/Murdy Associates, Charleston
Creative Director: Ann Tracey
Account Executive: Bruce Murdy
Editor: Steve Cox
In an attempt to increase circulation, Rawle/Murdy Associates has created a new television spot for Charleston, S.C.’s Post and Courier newspaper that plays to readers’ need for information. Over a series of lifestyle shots–a parent and child in a boat, a couple strolling hand-in-hand along a harbor, a woman reading her paper on a sun porch–the lyrics to a song ask questions like: “Is there something that you need to see?” and “What do you need to know today?” The commercial then goes on to explain that the newspaper is the single best source for everything for people living in and around the city. It even provides a rain bonnet for a woman who has just read a headline telling her the forecast will be soggy–as it begins to sprinkle. The 60-second spot also has a 30-second execution. –Jim Osterman

Client: The Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, Fla.
Agency: Fry/Hammond/Barr, Orlando
Creative Director/Director: Tim Fisher
Associate Creative Director: Tom Kane
Agency Producer: Shannon Blanton
Executive Producer: Peter Greenberg, Planet Films, Miami
Post Production: Broadcast Video, Miami
Fry/Hammond/Barr, agency of record for its hometown newspaper, The Orlando Sentinel, recently created an image campaign for the client’s print and online classified advertising. Four TV spots promote categories in which people use classifieds: real estate, automotive, employment and miscellaneous merchandise. In “Fly Over,” a woman steps from her lovely home to retrieve the morning paper when a low-flying jet zooms directly over her house. “Need a new address?” asks the voiceover. Bargain hunting via the classifieds is touted in “Proposal,” when a woman wonders how her new fiancƒ could afford a diamond ring. “Bad Boss” and “Demo Ball” also take humorous approaches. The campaign will run in several flights for at least a year. –Katy Eckmann