New Campaigns: Southeast

Client: National Education Association, Washington, D.C.
Agency: Beber Silverstein & Partners, Miami
Creative Director: Joe Perz
Art Directors: Joe Perz, David Glantzl
Copywriter: Peter Hoffman
Director: Joe Murray
Producer: Sherri Fritzson, Shadowrock Films, Los Angeles
Public schools have a bad rap, thanks to the media, which focus only on kids lugging guns and drugs onto campus. At least that’s the thinking behind a new campaign for the NEA, the country’s largest union of teachers. A 30-second TV ad breaking this month in spot markets nationwide focuses instead on public education’s positive impact. Students are shown succeeding in various subjects; for example, a little girl makes a homemade volcano erupt. Each vignette is followed by coverage of the events in fictitious publications with headlines such as “Adam Shines as Hamlet.” “Success stories like these happen every day,” the voiceover says. “They don’t always make the headlines. Wouldn’t it be great if they did? Public schools work.”-Katy Eckmann

Client: Mississippi Baptist Health Systems, Jackson, Miss.
Agency: GodwinGroup, Jackson
Associate Creative Director/ Copywriter: Peggy Barrineau
Art Director: Bethany Legan
Account Manager: Jeff Russell
Director: John Stockwell
Editor: Rick Dascher
If life is a journey, what did you bring with you?” asks the TV spot voiceover in the “Continuum of Care” campaign. When an older man responds, “My mom’s blue eyes,” the voiceover adds on his behalf, “And a family history of cataracts.” Two more examples of good news-bad news in other people’s gene pools lead to the point that Baptist’s disease-prevention system can help combat one’s DNA foibles. In “Dreams,” people talk about their various hopes in life; later the voiceover emphasizes Baptist’s part in helping the dreamer live long enough to realize his or her aspirations, be it a pregnant woman’s wish to see her feet again or a young’s girl’s desire to be president. Each spots wraps with the phrase, “Baptist Health Systems, all you need for a healthy journey.” -K.E.

Client: Global Health Action,
Atlanta Agency: Sawyer Riley Compton, Atlanta
Creative Director: Bob Warren
Copywriter: Brett Compton
Art Director: Tammy Anderson
Photographer and Illustrator: Roger LeMoyne
Sawyer Riley Compton in Atlanta has created an advertising campaign on behalf of Global Health Action, also of Atlanta. The effort is designed to drive home just how important proper healthcare practices are in third-world countries. In contrast to appeals from similar groups, the advertising agency opted to show the smiling face of a healthy child who has benefited from relief resources. The body copy in a print advertisement stresses that the care has to go beyond just feeding those in need; medical services and training must be provided as well, so those who are helped can begin to help themselves. “Most relief efforts address the initial problem of getting enough food to hungry people,” said Sawyer Riley Compton creative director Bob Warren. “But Global Health addresses the real problem facing third-world countries that remains long after people have been fed, which was the basis for our approach.” -Jim Osterman