New Campaigns

Client: Eagle Creek Travel Gear, San Marcos, Calif.
Agency: Big Bang Idea Engineering, Carlsbad, Calif.
Creative Directors: Rob Bagot and Wade Koniakowsky
Copywriter: Oliver Albrecht
Art Director: Wade Koniakowsky
Big Bang Idea Engineering stresses the versatility and durability of Eagle Creek backpacks and bags in a new print campaign. One ad for the client’s cargo duffel bag features a traveler on a river in the jungle, loading his bags into a boat with the help of some natives. Accompanying copy reads, “So durable, it saves you from translating ‘Hey, be careful with that’ into ten different languages.” An ad for the cargo switchback backpack shows a traveler on a wharf with his wheeled bag. The text reads, “Comes with wheels. Just in case you have the urge to return to civilization.”
“We wanted to position [the client] as the adventure travel brand for someone who sees travel as exciting,” said Big Bang principal and art director Wade Koniakowsky. The campaign, which consists of three single-page ads, broke this month in travel magazines such as Outside and Backpacker, and in-flight books for United and other airlines. Billings are less than $1 million. -Teresa Buyikian

Client: ABC7, Los Angeles.
Agency: Mendelsohn/Zien Advertising, Los Angeles
Creative Director: Jordin Mendelsohn
Copywriters: Claudia Caplan and Elizabeth Zamos
Art Director: Jeff Nee
Producer: Amy Lyngos
Mendelsohn/Zien plays off Venice, Calif., agency TBWA Chiat/Day’s “TV is good” campaign for ABC in an estimated $3 million push for ABC’s Channel 7 in Los Angeles. The eight TV spots, in 15- and 30-second executions, recently broke on the network affiliate, using the same yellow background and black text as the ABC network spots. One ad, “Beverly Center,” reads: “Level Three. Blue Section. Southwest Corner. 4th Row. The best place to find a parking space at the Beverly Center. ABC7 Eyewitness News.” Another, “Cold cures,” reads: “Zinc. Sudafed. Chicken Soup. Vigorous Sex. Medically approved cures for common cold congestion.” Each spot ends with the tag, “You can’t talk about it, if you don’t know about it.”
“[TBWA C/D] had created a look for ABC,” said M/Z executive creative director Jordin Mendelsohn. “We felt that if the affiliates joined in, it would help the network. We wanted to give the news more of a personality.” The agency is creating additional spots that will roll out over the next few months, Mendelsohn said. -T.B.

Client: SkyTel, Jackson, Miss.
Agency: Suissa Miller, Los Angeles
Executive Creative Director: David Suissa
Associate Creative Director: Mike Indgin
Art Director: Ron Mondz
Copywriter: Joanna Perelman
Producer: Carol Lombard
Director: Jim Zoolalian
Julius Caesar’s reign may have lasted longer had a SkyTel SkyWord pager been available to him. A humorous new TV campaign from Suissa Miller reaches many such conclusions, using “What if?” scenarios from history and classic stories to promote SkyTel’s guaranteed message service. Cinderella, Dracula and even the lookouts on the Titanic appear in
15-second commercials as examples of characters who could have benefitted from the service.
“We picked situations where there are dire consequences involved,” said Mike Indgin, an associate creative director at the agency. The ads target business travelers who cannot afford to miss messages, he said. “It’s strategic humor,” Indgin said. “The product is the punchline.”
The agency’s previous campaign for SkyTel established a “rational explanative about how the service worked,” said Bill Gross, account group director. “Our goal this year is to take [the ads] to the next level by using historical hyperbole to show how the service can help in important business situations.” The campaign, which includes print ads, will run throughout the year. -Angela Dawson