New Campaigns

Client: Barnes & Noble, New York
Agency: Weiss, Whitten, Stagliano, New York
Creative Director: Marty Weiss
Copywriters: Rick Condos (TV, radio), Andrea D’Aquino (print), Ian Caplan (print, radio)
Art Directors: Jeff Compton (TV), Andrea D’Aquino (print)
Weiss, Whitten, Stagliano’s first campaign for Web site straddles the line between simplicity and playfulness. The simple part is the message: “We’re here.” What’s playful is the jazz music behind the TV spots, the copy for the print work (“The Bell Jar is neither about a bell nor a jar. Discuss.”) and the semi-neurotic characters in the radio ads (an insomniac, a workaholic, etc.). Each spot begins with a bizarre image that unfolds into a selling point. A shot of two Doberman pinschers guarding a shopping cart full of books depicts “secure transactions”; a bucket falling into the depths of a well illustrates “deep discounts”; an ax piercing a dart board after several darts miss their mark portrays “personal recommendations”; and the roar of a vehicle passing on the road signals “fast delivery.” The live images cut to animation and a voiceover concludes: “Millions of books. Barnes & Noble is now online. At” The four 15-second spots are reminiscent of the punning Yellow Pages ads that creative director Marty Weiss helped create at TBWA Chiat/Day. “We wanted to make it fun. We wanted to make it arresting,” Weiss said. Two spots broke in about 10 regions during the Seinfeld finale. Print work, which has appeared in publications ranging from People to The New York Times, resembles a Web site, complete with icons. More spots are planned for the fall, backed by a projected $35 million budget for the year, said client representative Ben Boyd. Established rival (tagline: “Earth’s biggest bookstore”) is already running TV spots; Borders Bookstores also plans to launch a site. –Andrew McMains

Client: Royal Olympic Cruises, New York
Agency: Korey Kay & Partners, New York
Executive Creative Director/Art Director/Copywriter: Neil Leinwohl
Photographer: Loren McIntyre
Royal Olympic Cruises’ first campaign from Korey Kay targets the potential cruise passenger who is not looking for sun and cocktails, but instead wants an educational experience along with a vacation. “They aren’t the kind of cruises the average passenger would go on,” said executive creative director Neil Leinwohl, who developed the campaign. “Royal Olympic passengers don’t go for sun. They get out there and see things.” All the print ads in the campaign will feature someone a passenger might meet at a stop along a Royal Olympic cruise route. The first execution has a picture, taken by travel photographer Loren McIntyre, of a South American native of the Amazon River region. The new tagline: “For the slightly adventurous.” Ads will break in July in Archeology, Audubon, Natural History and Smithsonian, as well as the more standard Travel & Leisure, Travel Holiday, etc. They will also run in select newspapers in September. Korey Kay won the account in April following a review. Previous advertising from Dweck & Campbell focused on both destination and product and carried no tagline. An estimated $2-4 million is behind the campaign. –Sloane Lucas