New Campaigns

Client: Carter-Wallace, Cranbury, N.J. Agency: Bates USA, New York Creative Director: Bob Froelich Copywriter: Belinda Broido Art Director: Chris Harden Producer: Ed Bishal Director: Michael Givens Production Company: Open Films, Culver City, Calif.
Hoping to capitalize on strong sales growth within the “enhanced sensation” segment of the condom category, Carter-Wallace is launching Trojan Shared Sensation with two 30-second commercials, its first foray into TV advertising. One commercial currently airing opens with a tight shot of a romantic candlelit table for two. The camera pulls back to reveal the forearms of a pair of love birds against a moonlit background. The man suggests the couple “share some chocolate mousse,” to which his date replies, “I’d share anything with you.” The couple is interrupted by the booming tones of Trojan Man, the character introduced on radio in 1996 as the client’s humorous voice of authority on safer sex. Trojan Man places a Trojan Shared Sensation condom on the table as he remarks, “It looks like you’re pretty close to dessert.” The spot retains the tagline, “Trojan. America’s No. 1 condom. Trusted for over 80 years.” The other spot opens with a rowboat on a lake underneath a full moon. This romantic moment is also shattered by Trojan Man, who exclaims, “You can’t row without the right paddle,” as he supplies the lovers with a condom. The campaign will run on cable networks such as MTV and Comedy Central. The launch builds on last year’s introduction of the Trojan Ultra Pleasure condom, and targets both men and women. “More and more women are also buying condoms to help provide protection in their intimate relationships,” said Richard Kline, vice president of marketing for Carter-Wallace. The client spent around $7 million on
ad support last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting. The campaign also includes radio, event marketing and interactive efforts. For the year ending July 19, Trojan registered around $130 million in U.S. sales, accounting for roughly half of the contraceptive market, followed by Lifestyles, with $30 million in sales or about a 12 percent share, according to Information Resources Inc.
–Hank Kim
Client: Enamelon, East Brunswick, N.J. Agency: The Sawtooth Group, Woodbridge, N.J. Creative Director: Chet Moss Art Director: Howard Friedman Copywriter: Mike Draper Agency Producer: Jeff Brown Director: Alex Fernbach
Enamelon Toothpaste’s first national TV commercials have a simple theme: “Life itself doesn’t rewind,” as creative director Chet Moss put it, “but if you had the chance, you would take it.” Hence a melting snowman, a wilting flower and breaking hour glass–all seen in reverse–are the images The Sawtooth Group has used to invoke Enamelon’s central claim, that it can “undo damage” to consumers’ teeth. As the objects all remake themselves on the screen, a voiceover declares, “Second chances are rare.” The ad then explains, with visuals of X-ray images, how the fluoride and calcium in the product restores teeth: “It helps undo the damage food does daily to enamel helping to rebuild enamel even stronger.” The voiceover concludes, “Great-tasting Enamelon, a second chance for your teeth.” The agency’s central challenge, said Moss, was that the spot had to not only introduce the product, but explain the science behind it in layman’s terms. “People really related to the emotional hook to improve their teeth,” he said. The ad, which targets families, aired first in limited markets in late July, and will break nationally the week of Sept. 7. This is Sawtooth’s first work for the client since picking up the account in April without a review. The business had been with Merkley Newman Harty, New York, which handled the test marketing of the product. Enamelon switched agencies because it could not agree with Merkley on the next direction for the product, said senior brand manager Alan Bianchi. Enamelon president Brooks Cole also worked with Moss in the past. Enamelon spent $4 million in the first quarter of 1998, mainly on spot buys. –Lori Lefevr