New Campaigns

Client: SFWeekly, San Francisco Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, San Francisco Creative Directors: Curtis Melville, Steve Silver Copywriters: David Knox, Andy Sohn Art Director: Kevin Dailor
Saatchi & Saatchi, San Francisco, pokes fun at some of today’s popular trends
and entertainers in a new campaign for SFWeekly, San Francisco’s “alternative” newspaper. SFWeekly, which boasts a circulation of approximately 100,000, is well-known in the Bay Area for its food and entertainment reviews, local city
coverage and extensive personals section. The outdoor ads from the agency will
begin appearing this week on buses throughout San Francisco. The ads are text-heavy, using gold and white lettering in different sizes to “grab attention,” according to Kim Kline, the shop’s account director.
“The campaign is pretty simple,” Kline said. “It relies on humor–nothing fancy–to get the message across.” The “message” is that not all trends are cool, and SFWeekly is prepared to help out the unhip. One ad targets fans of John Tesh, the former Entertainment Tonight co-host turned musician. The copy reads, “This year, 17,500 San Franciscans saw John Tesh,” followed by the tagline, “Help is right around the corner.” The ads include the logo and Web
site address for SFWeekly.
“We’re glad we did this campaign,” Kline said. “We want people to know that Saatchi, San Francisco, is not just a tech agency.” The shop’s clients include Hewlett-Packard and Broderbund Software. The agency does work for SFWeekly on a project basis. –Jane Irene Kelly

Client: ESPN2 Agency: Ground Zero, Santa Monica, Calif. Creative Directors: Court Crandall, Kirt Souder Copywriter: Alec Beckett Art Director: Gavin Milner Producer: Patricia Phelan Director: Christopher Guest Production Company: Moxie Pictures
Ground Zero’s humorous new campaign for cable sports channel ESPN2 follows a fictional group of serious basket(ball) cases living in a recovery facility called The Naismith House. Actor/director Christopher Guest, best known for his comic roles in “This is Spinal Tap” and “Waiting for Guffman,” directed the 12 spots. “We were really pleased that [Guest] chose this project to make his commercial directing debut,” said Court Crandall, the agency’s creative partner. “With his feature-film experience, he brought a unique perspective to the campaign.”
In one spot, “Cable,” one of the residents tries to adjust a coat hanger on top of a TV set, while his friends are crowded around watching a game. “It’s cable!” one of them shouts. In another, the residents gang up on a fellow hoops fanatic to steal his “Coach Pitino” doll. They engage in an old-fashioned game of keep-away. The ads are running on ESPN and ESPN2 throughout the college basketball season. Guest is directing a second campaign for Ground Zero–this time for ESPN News. –Angela Dawson

Client: Beauty Pearls, Los Angeles Agency: Benenson Janson, Los Angeles Creative Director/Art Director: Andrew Janson Copywriters: Eric Sorenson and Barbi Gordon Photographer: Ann Elliot Cutting Graphic Designer: Maciek Pinno
Benenson Janson recently completed a new print campaign for Beauty Pearls, a line of beauty gelcaps from Banner Pharmaceuticals. With a sophisticated look, the ads stress the uniqueness of the skin-care moisturizers, scrubs and cleansers, which are packaged in tiny, pearl-like capsules.
One of the three two-page spreads features a pensive-looking woman’s face against an intense blue background, with the text “Pearls of wisdom” at the bottom. Copy to the right, describing the product, begins, “If it’s a small world after all, be sure and make a very big first impression. . . ”
“We wanted to highlight the uniqueness of Beauty Pearls because they are 96 percent pure, which sets them apart from most beauty products,” said Andrew Janson, Benenson Janson’s creative director. Other ads feature similar shots of different women, with lines such as “Free as a bird is not just a state of mind,” and “Being natural is the easy part. Being pure is the test of integrity.”
The ads will run through the spring of 1998 in Elle, Bazaar and other women’s magazines. –Laura Machuca