New Ad Flavor for Breyers Intro

Ogilvy & Mather and Breyers Ice Cream veer from their core brand approach in a new
$25 million campaign breaking today for the company’s new Parlor line.
The Chicago shop’s work for Breyers All-Natural ice cream has focused on “a simple, straightforward communication,”–it shows kids struggling with the ingredient list on competitor’s labels, said Matthew Smith, Breyers’ marketing director for packaged ice cream.
But the television execution to introduce the Parlor line is “all about fun and indulgence,” Smith said.
Since the Parlor product is aimed at a different customer and the media strategies will be distinct, the thinking is it won’t alienate consumers of the core brand, Smith said.
“There are other consumers out there where taste is most important to them,” he said. “The people who tend to favor the multitaste and multitexture brand tend to be younger.”
The 30-second spot from O&M shows ice cream scoops dropping into sauces and sundae fixings while a jingle touts the “fully loaded flavors.” The campaign is tagged “Anything but vanilla.”
“We’re going after new consumers by recreating the experience they would get in the ice cream parlor,” Smith said.
Agency officials declined comment on the campaign.
The $25 million backing the campaign represents a dramatic increase in marketing support. Good Humor-Breyers spent $3 million in 1999, according to Competitive Media Reporting.
The client is also breaking a $5 million campaign for its Popsicle Zone products via O&M, Chicago. The agency has developed two new spots for Micro Pops and Sprinklers Ice Cream Bars.
Both feature a boy, his family and his house transforming to reflect the treat he is enjoying. K