NBC Puts Leno ‘Everywhere’

Jay Leno may be coming to 10 p.m., starting tonight, but NBC is taking Leno just about everywhere, from highways to grocery stores. It’s all part of an extensive multimedia promotional campaign to build audience for the comic’s new weeknight, prime-time gig, on whose success NBC’s entire fall schedule rests.

Harnessing the digital out-of-home portfolio of NBC Everywhere, as well as other out-of-home assets in cinema, billboards in the top three markets, onboard American Airlines, even sponsoring Highway 10 in Los Angeles, NBC’s message of Leno’s special brand of comedy was hard to miss.

“We wanted to surround the consumer everywhere they turned,” said John Miller, CMO for NBC Universal TV Group. “The challenge was to reinforce the signature comedy fans loved and present Jay in a different light to those that may not have sampled him.”

NBC actually began promoting The Jay Leno Show on its own air in February, using the mass-platform Super Bowl XLIII. In the spring, the network moved to trade and TV advertising. By July, NBC kicked Leno promotions into high gear with an extensive OOH push across NBC Everywhere’s digital video networks in gyms, New York taxis, arenas, grocery stores and gas pumps. In August, NBC rolled out ads in 17,000 National CineMedia
theaters, including in-lobby promotions and
popcorn bags.

“This was the biggest concerted use of digital out-of-home for a network program,” said Adam Stotsky, president of marketing for NBC Entertainment. “We were able to harness all of our out-of-home assets in a single project. We brought the full weight of the company’s resources to bear.”

Stay tuned to find out if it worked.