Mustard Makers Living Large

Honesty is not always easy to find in advertising, but two men from Bourbonnais, Ill., southwest of Chicago, decided it was the best policy for their product. Thus was born “Two Fat Guys” private label mustard, a complete line of mustards and dips whose labels feature the mugs of its rotund owners, Ron Heck and Terry Cailteux.

Trade ads from DiMeo & Co. play off the theme set by the client’s own proud and manly obesity. “Grey Poupon,” reads one, “French for ‘Girly Mustard.'” Another ad clears up a potential misconception, “Not to be confused with the popular hip-hop mustard, ‘Two Phat Guys.'”

DiMeo picked up the business through its work with the Schaumburg Flyers minor league baseball team, which formerly offered the mustard brand at its ballpark.

“They’re two somewhat overweight gentleman,” creative director Brett Thomas said diplomatically of his clients. “The whole thing is to get them noticed, and the ‘Two Fat Guys’ name is just too hard to ignore.”