Muller Gets New No. 2 Creative

Gary Sloboda said he’s not planning any drastic changes as the new creative director at Muller + Company.

“They’re already doing great work here,” Sloboda said of the $50 million, 20-person Kansas City, Mo., shop. “We’re looking at in-creasing the potential of the agency.”

In the post, a new one for the shop, Sloboda will work with founder and chief creative officer John Mul-ler in leading the creative department. Muller said he was impressed with Sloboda’s willingness to work not just as a creative manager but as a mentor as well.

“He had a good grasp of the depth and complexity of what a creative department is all about,” Muller said.

Sloboda most recently was executive creative director at 10 Worldwide in Columbus, Ohio. The move to Muller re-unites him with Michael Littman, the director of account service at Muller. Littman worked with Sloboda at Doe Anderson in Louisville, Ky., in the late 1990s.

“He and I got along well at Doe,” Sloboda said. “When I was in Ohio, we’d talk often and he would try to get me to come here.”

Though he won’t be remaking the department, Sloboda said he will take an active role in new business, particularly when it comes to creatively presenting the shop.

“When the work is good, it can attract other work,” Sloboda said.