Mullen Touts GM’s Used Vehicles

BOSTON–Mullen next week is scheduled to break a campaign for General Motors that touts the ease of purchasing a GM certified used vehicle.

Using the tag, “The right way. The right car,” the campaign from the Interpublic Group agency in Wenham, Mass., employs print and radio executions to convey the ease and confidence involved in purchasing a used car through GM’s Certified Used Vehicle Program. Ads urge potential buyers to take advantage of the company’s 4.9 percent APR financing plan.

Print ads feature headlines fashioned like automotive nameplate typefaces on the vehicles’ trunk lids and tailgates. One reads, “The 3-Day/150-Mile Guarantee to make sure it gets along with your other car.” Another says, “24-Hour Roadside Assistance. Another great service you’ll probably never need.”

Radio spots are also running.

On the effort, Paul Laffy was the art director; Marty Senn handled copy; and Simon Harsent served as photographer. The shop picked up the GM certified used vehicle business in 1996. Spending in 1997 was in excess of $10 million, but has dropped into the $1-2 million range in recent years, per CMR.