MTV Spots Support Equal Marriage Rights

LOS ANGELES MTV Networks will launch two of the first three spots today asking viewers to contemplate gay marriage as part of its Choose or Lose voting campaign.

Directed by Andrews Jenkins for Food Chain Films, both spots use only ambient sound and titles, with no dialogue, music or narration. In “Doughnuts,” a young woman working at a doughnut shop late at night contemplates two glazed confections separated on a baking rack and then repositions them side-by-side.

In a second spot called “Hot Dogs,” a young man in a darkened kitchen is staring at two wieners in rapidly boiling water, suggestively bumping each other. “Equal Marriage Rights. Find time to think about it before you vote” is the onscreen title ending both ads.

“I saw the potential for doing something subtle, smart and performance oriented,” said Jenkins, known to MTV viewers for directing music videos for Korn (“You All Want a Single”) and The Dandy Warhols (“You Were the Last High”). “The compositions are slightly disorienting to bring viewers in. I wanted something . . . you’d see in a Wes Anderson movie.”

The creative arose from a freelance pro bono effort by copywriter Bryan Johnson and art director Howard Herarte who normally work as a team for clients such as BMW at Publicis USA, though the gay-marriage work is not being done through that New York agency.

Jenkins said the spots would play in heavy rotation on the MTV Networks through the election.