Motorola Breaks From the Norm

NEW YORK Lights, camera, Moto! An online video for Motorola’s Razr2 created by Cutwater in San Francisco taps Michel Gondry’s fantastical filmmaking style to demonstrate the fun-filled, multimedia experience the now-even-slimmer mobile offers. Displaying Gondry’s prowess with colorful, ever-changing sets and image manipulation, the spot follows a woman’s use of the phone, from making a call to listening to music and shooting pictures. But don’t expect to see any literal translations here. The spot, like most of Gondry’s work, is playful and an artistic diversion from the standard category fare. His fans will get and appreciate this ad, but I don’t think an average consumer will have the patience to watch and figure it out. In front of a building with signage that reads “WWW,” the woman plays hopscotch to dial a phone sketched on the sidewalk with chalk to connect with people in the building, which collapses and turns into a paper-made forest, where her e-mail grows on branches and opening a window transmits them. Her journey then takes her downstairs to a studio, where various sets give her a chance to snap portraits of herself surfing and flying a plane. The environment then turns again to become a music club, with the Motorola girl dancing to the changing genres. And if that all isn’t weird enough to form the futuristic feel for the brand, a giant spaceship designed to look like a hand descends on a pool party, and the spot cuts to the final shot of the woman flipping shut her phone and walking away.