Monday Miscellany

* Sixty-one percent agreed with the statement, “It is getting tougher to find things in the marketplace that are truly unique.” Seventy-two percent agreed that they “appreciate it when everyday products have an interesting design.” (Yankelovich Monitor Minute)

* Five percent of respondents said they’ve bought something based on the recommendation of a blogger. (Mintel)

* When asked whether they have “any friends or relatives or co-workers who have told you, personally, that they are gay or lesbian,” 58 percent of respondents said they do-matching the number who said the same in a similar poll five years ago. (Gallup)

* Among mothers of infants, 56.4 percent were in the workforce last year. The figures differed negligibly for married mothers (56.2 percent) and unmarried mothers (56.8 percent). (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

* In households with income of $100,000-plus, 16 percent of respondents said someone has been laid off from his or her job this year. (Ipsos Mendelsohn)