Mini Cooper Intros Tool to Measure ‘Carfun Footprint’

Mini Cooper has launched a Web site called, which plays on the words “carbon footprint” and allows consumers to measure the output of their cars in terms of enjoyment. The site is part of a new campaign that carries the message: “It’s time to drive like there is a tomorrow.”

Print ads for the three-phase campaign, via BSSP, Sausalito, Calif., will run in August and September issues of select lifestyle and auto publications, including Best Life, Car & Driver, ESPN and The New Yorker.

Mini also has formed a partnership to insert a special “Mini” issue of lifestyle magazine Good in a Sunday edition of The New York Times this fall in five major markets: New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The issue will feature people, places and things that, according to Mini, “make a difference in the world.”

In the second phase, ads will run in September, October and November issues of more auto and lifestyle magazines like Fast Company, Motor Trend and National Geographic Adventurer. Creative asks: “What’s your carfun footprint?” and explains the philosophy and methodology of measuring car enjoyment at

In the third phase, ads will appear in October and November issues of books such as AutoWeek, Blender and Paste, accompanied by copy that reads: “Good. Clean. Fun.” and “More turn, less burn.” The October issue of Men’s Journal and the September 18th issue of Rolling Stone will feature the same copy in vertical, half-page ads. 

Additionally, billboards and wallscapes