MindShare Ups Meer

Market-research veteran David Meer last week was promoted to worldwide chairman of MindShare’s Advanced Techniques Group, a new post.

Meer, 50, previously ran the group’s North American operation. His new mission is to coordinate and expand the ATG offering globally. Meer will report to Nick Emery, worldwide head of strat egy for the WPP Group media network, and Jean Pool, MindShare president of operations in North America.

ATG, MindShare’s market-research operation, is designed to help clients manage their budgets more effectively. It was created five years ago in MindShare sister J. Walter Thompson’s London office and employs 60 people worldwide. The group works with MindShare clients such as Unilever, Novartis, Kodak and Merrill Lynch, and partners with management consultancies that do not have in-house capabilities for the kind of modeling analysis ATG provides.

“We look for pockets of inefficiency so every dollar works as hard as it can,” explained Meer about ATG’s mission. “We want to know that not only our quality but our methodology is consistent, and we can really transfer knowledge across borders.”

“David is a very well-rounded individual with deep experience,” said Irwin Gotlieb, MindShare Worldwide CEO. “When he comes up with something, you know it’s going to hold up. That’s the kind of guy I want leading and setting the tone of the organization.”

Meer has earlier served as director of branding intelligence at J. Walter Thompson, responsible for analyzing WPP’s global brand-equity database BRANDZ. Meer also held executive positions at research firms NPD and the former Yank elovich, Skelly and White.