Metro Transit “Car in Trash”

“What happened to the car? Well, it’s like this…Metro Transit of Minneapolis has a message for consumers. That message is: ‘Throw away the car!’ And its ad agency, Periscope, actually tossed a car in a dumpster. It was such a powerful and compelling illustration of the client’s position, I just had to push the new Merc over that cliff at the city dump. Honey, why are you crying? You’re not mad, are you? We can always take the bus. That’ll be lots of fun! Please don’t bang your head against the wall like that.”

This street campaign is unlikely to elicit such an extreme reaction. Still, it’s eye-catching and does drive home its point, so to speak. I just can’t help thinking how much more effective and biting it would have been if they’d trashed a Hummer. –David Gianatasio