Mercury Rises for MMB, Subway

NEW YORK Independent MMB won the grand prize for a Subway spot titled “Badonkadonk” at the 16th annual Radio Mercury Awards.

In addition to a statue, Boston-based MMB took home $100,000 for its win. The show was held Thursday in New York.

In “Badonkadonk,” a young man and his female companion order from a fast-food drive-through window. He orders “an extra large pot belly and love handles” while she opts for the “badonkadonk butt.” A voiceover then pitches Subway’s California Fit Menu.

A total of 16 awards were given out, all to different agencies.

The Martin Agency won for the best 30-second spot for its “Burt Bacharach” Geico effort while Uniworld scored in the newly created Urban category for a Burger King commercial called “Angus Cheesy Bacon.”

“Radio continues to be an important advertising medium. And the Mercury Awards are one of the few industry competitions willing to put their money where their mouth is to encourage and celebrate excellence,” said David Lubars, chairman, CCO of BBDO North America, and chief judge of the show.