Meeting and Making Friends With Labatt Blue

CHICAGO Labatt Blue this week will break a $10 million campaign that will position the Canadian main and light brands as the official beers of friendship. Don’t expect to see the beers’ bear icon, however, because he has been put into hibernation.

Nine TV spots, from Grip in Toronto, use the “Cheers. To friends” tagline to frame scenarios about friendships between men and women. Vignettes depict a group of guys waiting for girls who are getting ready for an evening out, standing outside in line at a club, dancing together inside, and comparisons of how male and female friends hang out together at home.

The commercials will air on network shows such as The Apprentice, Fear Factor, Saturday Night Live and CSI. Cable buys include Comedy Central, Spike, the Discovery Channel and E!, as well as sports programming during NBA, NCAA, MLB and Nascar events. Radio and outdoor support.