A Meal Fit for a King

}McCann-Erickson held a literal whopper of a lunch in New York last Wednesday.

To celebrate winning the meaty Burger King account, the shop ordered in 1,200 Whoppers, scads of fries bathed in 2,800 packets of ketchup, plus a veritable river of Coke. The tab (which McCann picked up) came to $4,300.

“I am no longer the only one! We’re starting everyone on the Whopper-a-day program!” general manager/COO Eric Keshin declared, referring to his slightly groan-inducing promise to Shoptalk a few weeks back that he’d down a Whopper a day until McCann won.

Perhaps to fend off any lurking extra pounds, Keshin donned a Burger King apron and cap and helped distribute the meals to his fellow staffers. He had help from chairman and chief creative officer Nina DiSesa and the rest of the BK pitch team: Joyce King Thomas, Nat Puccio, Suresh Nair, Tony Pace and Margie Altschuler.

The client’s Manhattan district manager, a fellow known simply as Sonny, coordinated the order and its delivery from two different BK locations in midtown. Corbis/Bettmann