McKinney Creates Audi Trading Cards

NEW YORK Foregoing traditional print advertising to celebrate not only the uniqueness of Audi cars but also the 2003 race season, McKinney + Silver teamed up with the automaker to create a set of nine perforated trading cards tracing the birth and evolution of the brand.

The ad, which will appear in Autoweek on Monday, features detachable cards that track how far Audi has come in its 89-year history. One card pictures an Audi Type C from 1914 while another features the 2002 Audi R8, the car that won the Le Mans and the ALMS racing series three consecutive times.

David Baldwin, creative director at the Raleigh, N.C., agency, said the ad targets a 25-and-up age demographic and has a particular lure in Europe. Baldwin said he and his team, which includes copywriter Jon Wagner and art director Keith Greenstein, wanted to create “not only an ad but also a commemorative piece. People who are into racing are into it similar to the passion of kids and baseball cards.” This idea spurned the creation of the trading cards, which can be torn out and put in a wallet or back pocket.

The tagline “Never follow” appears on each card and in another ad Audi will run in the July issues of magazines such as Vogue, Details, Wired and Golf Digest. In the ad, eight innovative individuals, including actor John Malkovich and singer K.D. Lang, are seen alongside a caption of who they are and why they “Never follow.”