M/C/C Scores 4 High-Tech Wins

Go Figure, JP Systems, ObjectSpace, Vari-Lite Pick Dallas Shop
DALLAS–High-tech specialist M/C/C has gained four new accounts in recent weeks, resulting in an anticipated annualized billings increase of $10-12 million for the $34 million agency.
The Dallas-area clients, all involved in the technology sector, range from small software startups to an established maker of sophisticated, computer-controlled lighting systems.
Go Figure Technology claims it makes e-commerce easier by integrating customized software with both client and suppliers’ Web sites. The software allows for continuous order processing, database management, accounting and invoicing, among other features.
JP Systems is a developer of software programs used to connect hand-held communications devices and data networks. ObjectSpace is another software supplier and consulting company.
Vari-Lite International is a provider of automated lighting systems employed in concert touring, theater, television, movie and corporate applications.
Dallas-based M/C/C beat out several larger agencies with national network affiliations for at least one of the business wins, according to agency president Mike Crawford. None of the businesses previously were represented by an agency.
“This just continues to further establish us as a recognized agency in the high- tech industry,” Crawford said.
He pointed to the technological savvy of M/C/C as a major factor in the recent win streak.
“I always go back to the basic premise [that] you have to understand basic technology in order to communicate it,” Crawford said. “It’s talking about LANs, WANs and asynchronous transfer modes.”
Crawford said his agency’s strategy has become more sophisticated as well.
“Over the past three years our focus [has become] buyer-centric,” he said. “Being the brand stewards, we look at our clients and it’s not that we don’t care about our clients products or services, but [in a way] we don’t. What we’re caring about is the needs of their buyer. It’s not the premise that ‘if we build it, they will come.’ That doesn’t work.”
The agency has also benefitted from the overall growth in the high-technology sector. Since M/C/C’s founding in 1986, “[the technology industry] has literally grown up and we’ve been able to be successful with it,” Crawford said.
M/C/C’s other major clients include PageMart Wireless and CapRock Communications.