Mazda Debuts a Playful Battle Cry: ‘Zoom, Zoom’

New Doner Spots Celebrate Brand, Offer a Glimpse of Tribute SUV
LOS ANGELES–“Zoom, zoom.” With that simple phrase, softly whispered by a boy smiling into the camera, Mazda North American Operations is launching a new branding campaign and teaser effort for its new sport utility vehicle, the Tribute.
The effort harkens back to the automaker’s sporty heritage as the creator of the wildly popular Miata roadster. Doner, Southfield, Mich., is Mazda’s agency. The shop’s Irvine, Calif., team, Doner Automotive, services the Japanese automaker’s business.
The new branding spots star Mazda products past and present, including the RX-7, Miata and brief previews of the Tribute. Interspersed are images of children laughing and playing on wheeled objects (a soapbox race and pedal car among them), as well as adults being playful (a young man in a tie enthusiastically rides a shopping cart through a supermarket parking lot in one spot). The background is a bouncy “world beat” musical theme.
“[The campaign] has a bit of a twinkle in its eye,” said Stephen Odell, Mazda vp of marketing and sales, who joined the company in January from Jaguar. “That’s what we need to remind customers of, and perhaps ourselves as well. … A brand is just a promise. Our promise reminds you of being a kid again.”
The TV spots bow this week and will be accompanied by 15-second teaser spots presenting the Tribute as an SUV “with the soul of a sports car.” In August, the campaign for the Tribute, which will be a 2001 model, formally debuts and will run through late November. In addition, about 40 consumer magazines, including car enthusiast books and newsweeklies, will feature “Zoom, zoom” ads.