Mastercraft Boats

Water-skiing has a crucial similarity to other of life’s pleasures: Its devotees spend more time thinking about it than actually doing it. Showing a man who imagines he’s water-skiing behind his lawn mower, this ad suggests MasterCraft owners have better daydreams than owners of lesser boats. “No matter where you are, your mind is on the lake and your ProStar 190 EVO.” With a nice play on the sport’s terminology, copy adds: “The pull isconstant.” This is an exaggeration, of course, but not of the sort that triggers our sales resistance. Why not? Because it says something flatteringly exaggerated about us, not about the client’s product. For that sort of exaggeration we’ll always make allowances. With so much of life consumed in humdrum routine, people love being told they’re wild-and-crazy enthusiasts about something. By addressing avid water-skiers in such terms, MasterCraft initiates a useful rapport with them.