Mason Touts Support in a Storm

Middlesex Assurance Ads Stress Service
BOSTON–In Mason & Madison’s latest campaign for Middlesex Mutual Assurance, home is where the coverage is.
A 30-second spot from the New Haven, Conn., agency dubbed “Lantern” opens with a Colonial-style home being battered by an intense thunderstorm.
Outside the front door, a lantern sways in the wind. “This is no ordinary light fixture,” the voiceover begins. “Hand-blown and cast in copper, it was made over 150 years ago.” The lantern shatters in a shower of sparks, but the narration assures us that, “Fortunately, it was covered by homeowners insurance from a company that paid for special craftsmen to restore it to its original condition.” The spot closes with the homeowners gazing up at their fully repaired lantern and the tag “We’re with you.”
With State Farm entering the Connecticut market in recent months and an increased ad presence from Geico Direct, an effort was made “to raise [Middlesex Mutual’s] image above that of a commodity,” said agency representative Fran Onofrio. Middlesex Mutual is believed to spend in the low-seven-figures annually with Mason & Madison. K