Martin Has UPS Perform in the Clutch

ATLANTA UPS is launching two new television spots from The Martin Agency that will begin airing Saturday during NCAA basketball conference championship playoffs on CBS and a third new ad that will be introduced the following Monday, the shop said.

The new work emphasizes the reliability of the Atlanta-based package delivery company. In one spot, “Chase,” a woman depends on a UPS truck to be at an exact point along its route at an exact time to aid her escape from several bad guys. She flees from the men along the roofs of buildings before jumping from one and landing safely on the truck as it passes by. The spot will debut as a 45-second ad, then continue running in a 30-second version.

In the other spot, “Obsessive People,” a UPS employee runs up the stairs of a tall building to deliver a package when the elevator does not work. The 15-second spot joins two other 15-second spots that follow the same theme.

The third ad is a 30-second spot that resembles a TV weather report during a rainstorm. A weatherman is seen standing in the downpour and warning people to avoid the area. During his broadcast, a UPS truck makes a delivery behind him.

In addition to the basketball games, the buy includes the network programs Alias, Everybody Loves Raymond, 24, Las Vegas, CSI: Miami, American Idol, West Wing, Law & Order, The Apprentice, King of Queens and 60 Minutes.