MarketSoft, Burnett Team for Software Product

Leo Burnett’s task for new client MarketSoft will involve more than just creating ads for the technology company.

In addition to handling the Boston firm’s $5 million advertising account, the agency’s Technology Group will develop a software product to help clients and agencies better coordinate their marketing efforts.

MarketSoft already sells a suite of marketing management software, called DemandMore, which tracks marketing’s effect on lead generation. Burnett and MarketSoft will work together to adapt the program across more areas of marketing and advertising, said Greg Erman, MarketSoft’s CEO.

“Marketing is the last bastion of business that is yet to be automated,” he said. Many of DemandMore’s current features, such as budgeting and product management, can be easily adapted to advertising, he said. Whereas direct provides a “closed loop” of response, the more open world of advertising will be much more challenging.

“When you go to ad vertising, it’s an order of magnitude that makes closed-loop tracking difficult,” Erman said. “Leo Bur nett can provide do main expertise to start to track that problem.”

“Corporate marketers need to have one place to consolidate all marketing messages,” said Jeff Jones, CEO of the Technology Group. “That’s something we can help [MarketSoft] work through.”

The idea is to develop a program that will help marketing managers track all their corporate and local marketing messages, Jones said. While the end product may not make advertising more ac countable, it should make marketing more efficient.

Details of the agreement have not been ironed out. The agency could pay a licensing fee to MarketSoft to offer the product to clients or bundle it as an optional item when negotiating ad services and pay a royalty. Regarding MarketSoft’s $5 million ad account, Burnett said the campaign is scheduled to roll out early next year.