Manasian Employs Radio for 2 Clients

BOSTON Manasian Inc. is launching fall radio efforts for a pair of clients: VistaPrint, a leading online supplier of graphic design services and customized printed products, and Constant Contact, which provides e-mail marketing services for companies, associations and nonprofits.

Jean Manasian, president of the independent shop in Waltham, Mass., noted the success of radio as a vehicle for Web-based organizations targeting smaller businesses, in particular those two clients, which have benefited from past radio campaigns.

“This year’s radio marketing efforts will be instrumental in helping us continue the momentum we generated with last year’s radio campaign,” said Richard Turcott, chief marketing officer at Constant Contact.

The new work for both Constant Contact and VistaPrint notes that the clients provide services for companies and groups that often have special needs because they operate on a regional—rather than a global—scale.

Ads for Constant Contact explain how the company helps organizations get professional, e-mail announcements fast—without any technical skills and with free support from real people. Work for VistaPrint details how smaller and midsize businesses can market themselves as skillfully as larger players when it comes to business cards, letterhead and other marketing materials.

Tom Love served as producer of both campaigns, which were produced at Rumblestrip in Boston. Amy Flanagan wrote the copy for VistaPrint and Bill Kelly handled Constant Contact chores.

—Adweek staff report