“A man should act like a man, and light beer

“A man should act like a man, and light beer should taste like beer.” So dictate five new spots breaking Tuesday on cable stations for Miller’s Milwaukee’s Best Light by Mother in New York. Directed by John O’Hagan of RSA USA, ads show men acting in less-than-macho ways: blotting oil off pizza, wearing a matching shirt with a significant other, trying to get away from a bug, secretly calling a wife and cooing over a dog. The offenders are crushed by a giant falling Milwaukee’s Best Light can as their buddies look on approvingly. The tag, “Brewed for a man’s taste,” remains. “It’s classic beer advertising, about the man and about the beer,” says Mother co-founder Linus Karlsson. Accompanying the spots are a Web site, print and outdoor showing scantily clad women engaging in manly activities, such as changing a tire, and 45-second vignettes running on ESPN this week during the World Series of Poker.