Magic Hour Bows Apex Work

Affection is one emotion not often expressed for the Internal Revenue Service, but Magic Hour Communications aims to change that with ads it has created for Apex Property Exchange.

A print campaign for Apex, a Hanover, Mass., tax consulting company specializing in real estate, aircraft and personal property clients, represents the agency’s first foray into media advertising. The campaign emphasizes the capital gains tax savings clients incur when they partner with Apex.

In one ad, “IRS,” surrounded by a heart, appears as a tattoo on a man’s upper arm; the headline reads, “Partners for Life.”

In another, titled “Love is in the Air,” “IRS” appears written in the sky. Other ads find the initials etched into a tree and inscribed on a Valentine candy heart.

Copy in all ads describes the capital gains tax savings, ending with the line, “Learn to love the IRS.”

The ads employ humor to catch the attention of their target audience “because most people don’t think of loving the IRS,” said Louis Gudema, president of the shop in Watertown, Mass. The ads appear in real estate trade publications such as Urban Land, Real Estate Portfolio, and REIT Street.

Magic Hour, Apex’ first lead agency, also designed its Web site and logo. Financial details were not disclosed.

Founded in 1998, the six-person shop has designed Web sites and other interactive media for clients such as Lotus Development, The Boston Globe, SpeechWorks and Prentice Hall.