Love Is in the Air

Desire may have been a streetcar in old-time New Orleans, but these days it appears to be a billboard.

One rapturous denizen of the Big Easy, sick of the bar scene, has gone to unusual lengths (14 by 48 feet, to be exact) to find the perfect woman—shelling out $4,000 to advertise his search for love on Interstate 10 near the Superdome downtown.

Bar people “are just looking for a one-night stand,” the man, whose identity is being withheld, told the local Times-Picayune. “I’m a good catch. A frog waiting to be turned into a prince.”

The ad, naturally, features a crown-wearing cartoon frog and a basic SWM-seeks-SWF message. “The frog has little kisses all over its body,” Don de la Houssaye, general sales manager at Marco Outdoor Advertising, points out.

Was de la Houssaye a little freaked out by the request? “Not really,” he says. “We agreed on payment, so we saw no reason not to do it.”

The ad’s monthlong run, which ends this week, reportedly drew more than 50 suitors, and may have been a success. “The number’s been disconnected,” says de la Houssaye. “Maybe he found someone.”

Yes, but is her name Stella? Corbis/Bettmann