‘Louie the Lizard’ On the Stump

New Goodby Ads Spoof Elections; Louie vs. Turtle for Swamp Prez
SAN FRANCISCO–Budweiser’s Louie the Lizard will be starring with his scaly friends in five new TV spots, by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, that lampoon national politics.
Anheuser-Busch is planning to run the spots in late spring, during the election season’s peak, a client representative said.
The new work, written by Steve Dildarian, a copywriter at Goodby here, introduces a new character: a charismatic turtle who is running against Louie to be swamp president.
Dildarian and other agency officials declined to discuss the spots, referring questions to the client.
Each candidate is shown, in one spot, filming a political commercial, said sources. In the turtle’s ad, he poses with his “wife” and attacks Louie’s political record. The progress of the election is designed to subtly satirize actual candidates and familiar issues in this year’s presidential race, sources said.
The client said it was considering running one of the ads during the Super Bowl, but was sidelined over the concern that it would be too controversial.
A-B does not intend to ditch the turtle spot, only delay it, said a representative at A-B last week.
The turtle is the latest creature to surface in a campaign that was supposed to have run its course more than two years ago.
In Budweiser ads that ran during the 1998 Super Bowl, Louie was to be terminated by a hyperactive ferret, who turned into a comic swamp star on his own.
The campaign is so popular at A-B headquarters that lizard radio ads are used to entertain phone callers when they are put on hold.