Local Heroes

When the Las Vegas design shop Creative Dynamics began creating a calendar saluting the state’s firefighters, the month was June and the nation’s mood was quite different. But in wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the pro bono project took on a much larger, emotional dimension, said those involved.

“We were in the middle of the shoot when we heard about the attacks,” recalls Victor Rodrigues, CDI’s creative director. “We had already thought of these guys as heroes. But after the tragedy, everyone really took this project to heart. It took on a much more serious tone.”

The calendar, titled “Red Hot ’02,” will raise money for a local charity, Project Sunshine, which helps kids with special needs attend camp. (It’s available at the agency’s Web site, www.cdilv.com.)

Rodrigues said he wanted to break the mold of firefighter calendars and focus on the personalities. So he had the 11 men and one woman pose in a bare studio setting with their gear. Some held American flags. Others took off their shirt. Understandably, only a few were able to muster a slight smile.