Lizards In Bat Country

A pair of fun-loving, animated lizards kick up some sand in a new TV spot for Circle K from Thomas-Tvert Advertising in Phoenix.
One of the computer-generated reptiles (shown here) careens across the desert in a dune buggy, towing his friend on a sand wake board. When the surfer loses purchase on the digital desert dunes, his buddy yanks him out of the sand by his tail.
In search of refreshment, they head for Circle K. Sipping their Thirst Buster fountain drinks, they quickly change color from brown to blue. “Nothing’s cooler,” suggests a voiceover.
The animation was created by the commercial division of Pacific Data Images, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based animation house, which also developed computer-generated effects for the upcoming DreamWorks movie Antz.
The lizards previously appeared in the convenience store chain’s print ads.
The 30-second spot is airing in the Southwest and Pacific Northwest throughout the summer.
–Angela Dawson