Greenberg piece left out talent transformation

Bob Greenberg’s column on transformations [“Real Change Agencts,” A&C, June 20] neglected to mention one vital aspect of becoming change agents—talent transformation. Those of us who have the vision to see the future have not stood around waiting for agencies or clients to transform themselves—because, as he mentions, most haven’t. We have built our own credentials in a way that ensures transforming brand ideas are developed and delivered 24/7.

Believe it or not, 99 percent of leading agency executives—not to mention the HR professionals who work with them—still don’t understand the unique idea value that real multidisciplinary expertise brings to agencies and, in turn, their clients—expertise that is gained by working within, not just “around,” related disciplines.

If I’m leading that big multinational business at an agency, how can I possibly come up with viable, strategic, discipline-neutral ideas if I haven’t had the hands-on experience of working within a practice area the idea might impact … and seen how an audience relates to it?

The future is individuals—not committees—who can advise clients and lead/mentor teams on navigating ideas for their brand, no matter the touch point—individuals who don’t say, “That’s a PR problem, let’s get the PR agency,” but rather, “That’s a PR problem, here’s an idea.”

I keep waiting for the market to catch up. Bob’s article has given me hope.

Russ Parkel

New York

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