Have it your way. As long as the premise is sound

Enough already. Just because a commercial is dry in performance and execution doesn’t mean it’s smart and insightful. It’s also becoming rather boring to read spots reviewed by other creatives, especially when all they do is praise.

“Loved your ad!”
“Yeah, yours rocks.”
“Well, see you at Cannes.”
“Yeah, I’ll be the one posing smugly.”
“Hey, me too.”

Here’s the truth regarding the Burger King commercial reviewed in Best Spots [March 22]: People like it when others order the same meals as they do. They embrace it. They feel validated if someone else orders the same way … no pickles, extra ketchup, whatever.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky does great work. Some of the Burger King spots are nice. But not this one. It’s built on an incorrect premise.

Now I’m going back to being perfect. Good day.

Joe Kazmierski
Freelance copywriter

For the record: In Best Spots [March 22], the live-action director/DP on The Martin Agency’s “We Love the Subs” spot for Quiznos was Henry Bjoin, not Harry Bjoin.

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